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What is it?

Simple SRT is a standalone script that makes exporting subtitles from Adobe Premiere easy. This method is useful because if you need to make edits to your video, you can easily adjust the timecode for your dialogue and re-export SRT files. Watch the tutorial video below to see how you can add closed captioning to your videos.


There is a bug in the current release that prevents Non Drop Frame sequences exported from Premiere to not convert with SimpleSRT properly, and results in a non SRT standard compliant file. This includes users editing on 23.976 timelines, as well 25fps, Non Drop Frame 30, Non Drop Frame 60 etc. Drop frame sequences (29.97, 59.94) are not affected. There is a workaround until we can update the program.

Option 1: After converting the file to SRT with SimpleSRT, reimport the SRT into Premiere. Then highlight it in the project window, go File > Export > Captions, select the SRT option. Save it as another SRT file and use that file as your final SRT.

Option 2: Before converting the CVS file to SRT with Simple SRT, open the CVS file with a text editor or excel. Find and replace the ":" (no quotes) characters with ";".

Both options work, but Option 1 is the preferred choice because it will not affect subtitles that include the : character. We are currently working to resolve the issue with a new release. Thank you for your patience.

Download: for Windows.